Top 5 Remote Developer Hiring And Management Issues

2 years ago
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Top 5 Remote Developer Hiring and Management Issues

Did you know that 51% of employees work better from home due to fewer distractions and a more positive work environment? Furthermore, 85% of managers believe that effective remote developer teams will be the future.

Your remote team of developers may not be visible, but that doesn't mean they won't get distracted and relaxed in the privacy of their homes. They will still deliver the results you need. You can collaborate with experienced remote software engineers from all over the globe to get better results, keep up with the competition, reduce costs, and work with experienced tech talent.

Although managing remote teams can be difficult, the rewards are well worth it. We have reliable solutions to help you avoid the most common errors and keep your remote developer team productive and engaged.

Finding Remote Developers to Hire: The Main Challenges and Solutions

Communication issues

This long-term absence of seeing each other via Zoom meetings and chatting on messengers has significantly impacted the way remote software engineers communicate and collaborate. Although people in an office can talk to one another and come up with solutions quickly, it is possible for team members to feel less comfortable in a virtual environment. 

They might be more comfortable asking questions, suggesting their ideas and participating in discussions from other locations.

You may encounter language barriers when working with developers around the world. Many of your team members don't speak English fluently. This can lead to frustration, misunderstandings and a decrease in productivity.


This problem can be avoided by establishing efficient and responsive communication channels. You can use Slack to instant message, Google Drive to document collaboration, Zoom video conferencing and In Vision for prototyping.

You won't need to go through hundreds of messages and emails to find the information you are looking for. Limit this number to 3-4 software options to ensure you always know what to expect from each communication channel.

All you need to do to solve the problem of language barriers is to hire a project manager. They can help you with any problems and prevent you from dealing with them again.

Monitoring and managing your team's productivity

You may need to hire remote developer to augment your existing staff. However, it can be challenging to manage a project when employees are scattered across the country and even the globe. It can be challenging to manage your team's productivity and keep track of tasks if you have a large team or complex project.

Developers are responsible for dozens of tasks each day. It is important to keep track of your progress and be up-to-date with any changes. Remote engineers can be challenging to work with, and you may feel the lack of feedback. This can cause misunderstandings or even conflict.


You can give this challenging task to a project manager to help you focus on other strategic tasks and organize remote developer teams. You can also use various project management tools to improve your team's productivity if this approach doesn't work.

Trello is an excellent tool for managing your employees, organizing tasks, and using a time tracker to improve your team's performance. Trello allows you to create customizable workflows and dashboards. You can also integrate tools such as Slack and Confluence with Trello. remote developer teams can collaborate, share files, leave comments, and stay organized.

Airtable is a flexible and easy-to-use management tool that you can customize to your needs. Airtable offers dashboards and a time-tracking feature. It can also automate work processes such as tech stack approvals and request approvals to improve your team's performance.

 You can integrate Airtable with any tool, from Evernote and GitHub to Google Calendar and Dropbox and transfer data back and forth as often as you need.

To get feedback from your team, you can schedule daily check-ins. This will allow you to stay connected and receive regular feedback. Ask your employees what their current tasks are, ensure they don't have technical issues and discover if remote developers completed previous tasks.

Time Zone Difference

Remote working allows us to recruit remote workers worldwide and create cutting-edge solutions in any industry. Remote working also has time differences. This means that you might be dealing with an urgent issue on your project at 9 am in the USA while your remote developer sleeps at 11 pm in Sydney. This means that you could be waiting for hours to talk to your remote employee, putting your project and productivity at risk.


This challenge can be overcome by creating guidelines for remote teams and a schedule that fits your employees' time zones. It will also help you keep your project on track. This will allow you to understand when and who is available each day. When core team members are not working, organize daily check-ins and meetings.

Teamup Calendar allows you to plan your Work work, set up schedules, manage the availability of your developers, and share your events with your team. Status Hero can replace tedious check-ins and allow your developers to write short daily reports. This tool allows you to collect activity from tools like Trello or GitHub, create custom reports, and track your team's progress.

Trust issues

Remote developers can cause trust problems among employees. While your employees may have never met each other in person, in-house team members can spend years getting to know one another and building trust within the workplace. It is a waste of time and money for your team member to get stuck and not ask for assistance.

You can help your developers deal with any issues they may have and deliver high-quality results. It is crucial that all remote team members feel valued by their coworkers.


Trust is built between remote workers and you. Developers need to know that you trust them and are willing to allow them to make mistakes and take their decisions, but also remind them that you are available to help if they have any questions.

This doesn't mean that you should forget about your team. Let them handle everything on their own. Avoid micromanagement, as it can cause chaos in your team. It's better not to keep track of every little detail.

 Instead, establish project goals and create a workflow document for improved optimization. You should clearly define the tasks you are responsible for and let your team members take care of the less important ones. We are sure you will find balance!

Unplugging After work

This is a problem because 18% of remote workers can't disconnect from work and have a healthy work-life balance. Workers have found it harder to take a break from the endless list of tasks and complete them. This can cause burnout in your team and make it difficult for them to stay focused and maintain a high level of productivity.


Setting realistic goals and deadlines is the best way to help remote teams unplug from work. Remote developers can become overwhelmed with too many urgent tasks and get frustrated. They may even start working after hours to finish their project.

A schedule can help keep your team motivated, engaged, and balanced. Ask employees to communicate their availability to the entire team. Please don't disturb them during work hours. Your team can also use Daywise to schedule notifications and have fun without worrying about digital overload. These apps can be used at work by your employees to reduce distractions and increase productivity.

Make your challenges work for you

It is essential to consider the key challenges you may face when managing remote developers. NogaTech IT Solutions LLC can help you overcome communication and management problems, trust issues, and time zone differences. We will also ensure that you can collaborate with experienced remote developers to achieve your business goals.

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