5 Web Portal Examples That Your Company Can Learn From

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5 Web Portal Examples that Your Company Can Learn From

Note from the Editor: Daria explains what a web portal is and provides 5 excellent websites to look at. Suppose your business requires professional assistance in establishing the concept of a portal on the web. In that case, you can consider NogaTech Web Portal Development Services.

Organizations use web portals to offer a specific group of users (customers or employees, business partners etc.).) access to relevant information and features. Allowing a company both external (with customers and partners) and internally (between workers) remote communications and collaboration Web portals is especially useful during the COVID-19 epidemic. The importance of portals will not decline shortly like, for instance, more than two-thirds of US employees remote during the epidemic want to continue working remotely.


Portal on the Web: what is the essence

Portal on the Web: what is the essence


Today's web portals are highly-traffic websites that offer collaboration, content management, and personalization of content search features. Specific web portals (e.g., one that is a patient portal) handle sensitive information, which is why attention must be paid to their security features, including multi-factor authentication, retention and deletion guidelines, as well as encryption of data. A typical website, in contrast, was designed to provide information and is a lot less collaborative and personalization options, which are aimed at a broader and often unspecified web-based public.


5 successful web portal examples


5 successful web portal examples


Based on the goals of your business you are pursuing and the target market, you may choose from a variety of web portals:


#1 Vendor portals


Vendor portals


Also called portals for suppliers, these portals offer a secure online platform for working with a company's suppliers and streamlining the procurement process. These portals help with vendor integration and communications and order place and tracking, among other things. Check out Daimler's Supplier Portal to gain an understanding of the vendors' capabilities.


#2 Patient portals


Patient portals


Portals for patients serve as a hub of communication for both medical personnel and patients. Patients can, for instance, schedule appointments and check the results of their tests via the portal. Go to Capital Women's Care portal to see a sleek and user-friendly patient portal in the clinic.


#3 Intranets




Intranets can allow employees to stay informed about the latest updates from the company without the need to access external sources, take part in professional and learning processes online, and assist the work process by providing documents and project management tools and tools for collaboration. Intranets may include social media features (e.g., posting photos and collecting likes and sharing news, or joining communities, contests, and contests). Check out our interactive demo to see an example of how to use intranets.


#4 Government portals


Government portals


Kansas City, Missouri, allows residents to access well-known services, including paying for parking tickets and paying bills. Visitors can type in their address and view the specific service details for them.


#5 Student portals


Student portals


Stanford University built an online platform that allows users to access academic counselling teaching and grading, hiring and enrollment, financial and training information, and others. The portal also serves to track transactions related to all of the things mentioned earlier.


Create a user-centric portal

The search capabilities of web portals' content and collaboration and management features are a great way to enhance your digital presence and facilitate remote work. Web portals' implementation begins with a thorough analysis of your company's needs and entails selecting a type of web portal, analyzing the portal's features, and then deciding on the right technology stack. If you're looking for expert assistance in creating an online portal, do not hesitate to contact the NogaTech team.

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