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Build A Mobile App With A Budget | NogaTech

Although the cost of developing a mobile app is still high, there are several steps you can take that will lower its price. First, it would help if you prepared everything before building your product.

Your MVP is your preliminary product new release. The MVP is the primary new release of your product. It is there to acquire comments and decide if your concept is feasible. You ought not to use complex pricing structures or in-app purchases to do this.

A Single Platform to Focus on

Anyone who is developing a mobile app should only focus on one platform. It's now no longer clean to construct a mobile app for each system initially. You'll need two pieces of software. Additionally, it can be expensive. For example, Foursquare and Instagram were initially iOS-only apps. 

However, once they have achieved market fit, they are now developing Android versions. Another popular smartphone app is Clubhouse, which is only available for one platform.

Features: Do's and Don'ts

Your mobile product's first version should only contain the essential feature you want to test. MVP stands for Minimum Viable Products. Shazam is a extremely good example. Their MVP had only one feature when they launched: it could identify the song name based on the recording. 

However, they added all the social features, charts, and notifications once they proved their concept. Entrepreneurs might pivot and try other techniques because the MVP only has one feature. Complex, feature-rich products are more costly to develop and take longer to update. They also make adding new features or modifying existing ones more difficult.

You can ignore these functionalities in most cases.

  • Push notifications and deeper linking can increase the complexity of your codebase and create new situations to deal with. Push notifications are an alternative to deep linking if you don't wish to. Push notifications are a fantastic way to hold customers engaged and remind them about your app. However, you want to ensure that you have a consumer listing to ship the ones messages to. In 95% of cases, push notifications may not assist you in constructing your userbase.
  • Login is less difficult than complicated verification techniques or social networks. Logging in using your tele cell smartphone number, Apple Sign-In, or Google is quicker and less expensive than complex verification techniques or different community services. However, it is highly-priced to combine a couple of sign-in options: Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Apple Sign In. While building MVPs, you should not hinder the user's experience. If you don't have to create an account for new users before they can check out the app, you will improve their experience and save money.
  • Test automation and unit checks can affirm that your product does what you expect. However, for startups, where the entire product roadmap and features are flexible and subject to change in 99 percent of cases, it is better to stick with manual testing. Automated testing and unit tests can take a while to set up and are often unnecessary for MVPs.


As many components of an MVP as possible should be used. You can use the default date picker to select secondary components if your project calls for one. For example, Each Instagram and WhatsApp have numerous local or close-local UI components.

They're very popular. When building MVPs, it is important to focus on user flows and not the design. Early adopters will appreciate a simple way to accomplish a task.

Native components are easier to create and use than complex ones. This will help you save money both during the design and development phases. For example, a native date picker could be implemented in an app within a few hours. However, if the developer has to create it from scratch, it may take weeks.


You will almost certainly need someone to assist you in building the app if you are not a developer. There are 3 alternatives available: you may lease an agency, a freelancer, or an in-residence developer.

Most entrepreneurs cannot hire an in-house developer because they don't have a business model. As a result, they risk not being paid or not having enough work to support a full-time developer.

You have two options: a freelancer and a specialist agency. Unfortunately, it isn't easy to find a developer who will deliver on time and implement your product's roadmap. However, trustworthy specialists have created mobile apps and can offer guidance and insight. They also have the end-to-end skills so that you don't need to hire a freelancer for any design changes, brand changes, or marketing support.

Although agencies can be more costly than freelancers due to the time commitment, your product will be delivered on time, tested, and produced by someone familiar with the mobile product development process. In addition, mobile product development companies can offer advice and support throughout the entire process of creating, releasing, and marketing a mobile application.

We have hundreds of experiences in creating mobile apps, and we would love to assist you in your journey to become a founder. So, let's chat about your products and get in touch.

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