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Technology Stack For Building A HR Tech Company | NogaTech

Technology and people are two of the most critical aspects of any company. Technology and performance management can help with many of the problems in HR, such as employee engagement, job satisfaction, monitoring, and management of recruitment.

COVID-19 has made long-term remote work more common. This problem can be solved by technology using all the tools available to us.

The HR software was created to simplify the lives of employees and employers. HR software simplifies all aspects of running a business, including recruiting top talent and managing their benefits. It also allows you to create individualized career paths.


Technology Use to Transform Human Resources


Technology Use to Transform Human Resources


In the present age of Software-as-a-service (SaaS), new tools for HR professionals have become readily available, and the current software is always progressive. This is great and useful, but it can be daunting to navigate the many options available to HR professionals.

The technology stack is a major concern for almost every type of app you create. It would help to consider your projected bandwidth consumption, web app types, business goals, extensibility, and other considerations when choosing a technology stack for HR software.

Choosing a technology stack for HR software development is not different, and it is crucial for future commercial success. This segment has unique requirements and can only be met with the right combination of technological components.

Not all HR apps require the same attention to their tech stacks. Apps that are simple and cater to a small user base with only a handful of features will likely be successful with the stack that best suits their needs.


Selecting A Technology Stack

The first question is: What technology stack would work best for complex multi-user HR applications? Before answering this question, let's first look at the most important features of these apps and then compare them with the technology that will meet those needs.

We can see that many of the most prominent HR tech apps have the same capabilities and characteristics.

Scalability to meet the demands of a growing workforce Multinational companies with global systems have high accessibility for employees.

The ability to handle large volumes of traffic with low latency Capability to collect data from many sources.

Integration with various external systems and applications A wide variety of features are available


Tech Stacks - Everything You Need To Know

Many programming languages and frameworks are available that could be suitable for your Human Resources software, and your specific needs should guide the tech stack you select.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a technology stack for web development. Each component and all of them directly impact the efficiency, productivity, and usability of an application.

Remember that a tech stack is the app's infrastructure. An app, however, is technically the backend and frontend.

The app's infrastructure should include:

  • To store all data about the app, a database is used.
  • Caching systems are used to reduce the load on the database and help it process spikes in traffic.
  • A web server processes requests from browsers and returns data.



A database's purpose is to find, classify, present, sort and organize data within an application. It responds to user requests via a Web browser. To further help users, a database can perform many computations. Databases are a key component of many online services such as ecommerce websites and discussion forums. These databases are available in the following formats:

  • Relational databases like MySQL, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, etc.
  • Non-relational databases like Redis, Couchbase, Apache HBase, etc.

Caching System

The caching system reduces server latency by serving previously used data, and it also relieves the database from heavy demand during high traffic periods. Websites that do not use a caching system are often slow and have poor performance.

The most popular caching systems are Redis, Hazelcast, Riak, Memcache and Riak.


Web Server

A web server processes and transmits requests from users in the form of an HTML message.

Apache, IIS and Nginx are the most well-known web servers.



The client-side is also called the frontend. It contains everything that a user can see. The front end allows interaction with Web applications through the physical presentation layer, and it contains the following:

Frameworks are standardized code packages that speed up development and provide useful parts. They are used to create the HTML and CSS portions of the frontend. Popular HTML and CSS frameworks include Bootstrap and Foundation, Stylus and Semantic UI.

Vue, Angular, and React are frontend frameworks that can be used to create JavaScript elements of the frontend. This is similar to HTML or CSS. Web developers can use JavaScript libraries and JavaScript frameworks to make apps interactive and enhance the user experience.

Your business requirements, information availability, developers, and creative solutions impact the frontend technology you choose. To improve usability and the user experience, HR apps must have interactivity. Vue and React, both lightweight JS technologies, are great for this purpose. Each library has a unique set of UI characteristics to make your app more interactive, user-friendly, and useful.

React Native offers another advantage: you can share up to 80% of the codebase. This reduces software development time and costs. Phoenix HTML will work with partials in Vue or React if you only use a few interactive elements. This design doesn't require you to create the frontend or backend separately, and you can always add more interactions as your project develops.



The backend (also known as the server-side) is responsible for all communication between the client. The backend typically consists of background processes and server-side software.



A Web application architecture's server-side software describes how the application, server, database, and other components interact and work together.

You can either start from scratch or use a framework to speed up building a web application. Each programming language can be layered with a variety of frameworks.


Backend processes

The business logic behind an application is often complex and takes a lot of time. An application might slow down or be stopped if it uses resources that are not being used for another task. It's okay if the user is willing to accept these drawbacks. What if someone needs to send 1000 emails with one click? But does the server processing time take several minutes? This application is ideal for background processes.

This application is ideal for background tasks. To improve user experience and application performance, it is common to delegate certain time-consuming functions to outside workers. The technology stack is a collection of all the components mentioned above.


What if you choose the wrong tech stack?


What if you choose the wrong tech stack?


There is no "wrong" technology stack, and your HR software can work with all of them. However, each configuration has a significant impact on how your app develops and performs in the marketplace.

A poor tech stack can hinder business growth. However, choosing the right tools will give you huge advantages over your competition.

How do you go about it? The wrong technology could make it difficult to continue or flexible in the future, or even be costly.

Complex apps that need to scale to support increasing users can be more challenging and expensive when used in verbose programming languages. An app may not provide uninterrupted services due to traffic surges or multiple concurrent processes, which indicates a need for infrastructure scalability.

A wrong tech stack can lead to system instability and downtime and high levels of downtime due to crashes and bugs. These problems can be avoided by choosing technologies that are easy to scale and maintain. High-productivity technologies that require minimal resources to provide high speeds are also productive.

After analyzing your requirements, a reputable software development company will be able to offer the necessary suggestions. They will usually conduct discovery workshops to help you find the best technical solutions for your business and connect your vision to their expertise.



A robust HR application can be a valuable asset if the technology stack is well-chosen and supported by business experts and competent developers.

However, a technological stack is only one part of a Web app. A team of Web developers who are skilled in combining components and know-how to make a Web app that is highly performant and scalable. Your users will love using it.

Make an informed decision and enjoy seamless extensibility, scalability, performance, and flexibility.

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