Essential Checklist For Successful Mobile App Development

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Essential Checklist for Successful Mobile App Development

The development of apps for mobile has transformed the world in ways that we can even count. They have created the most comfort and accessibility in our lives that surviving without them seems like a nightmare. Mobile App Development have transformed our lives and the way we conduct business. Nowadays, all companies, whether small or large, are using a mobile app geared towards customers. Through their apps, companies can connect with a much larger customer base, boost their revenue by constantly monitoring their customers using mobile phones, and leverage the latest technologies to collect vital information and create more effective policies, etc.

However, mobile apps aren't only used by companies. Mobile App Development has led to the creation of various new companies in which the app is the main product or the method to offer services, like Uber Eats and Tinder.

According to the information published by Statista Statista, the worldwide mobile app's revenue is expected to amount to six13 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. In addition, the number of apps on the Google Play Store is 3.48 million apps on the Google Play Store, while the Apple App Store has 2.22 million apps! Together with the app development business's interest in mobile applications from startups that are just increasing in the post-covid age, these figures are a clear indication of an optimistic future for the development of mobile apps.

However, it's an enormous field. It is a maze of choices to make and pitfalls to avoid that novices frequently get confused. If you're contemplating the development of an app that is mobile-friendly and need the assistance of our experienced Mobile app designers, we've put together the perfect mobile application development checklist.


Checklist for Mobile App Development


Discover the Hooks of Your App

Before you begin your journey to develop mobile apps, you must consider the most important issue: Why should I build my app?

What's the one service I'm offering? One thing, is one feature that will entice people?

At first glance, it appears simple enough. However, coming up with an original idea isn't as easy in the modern world. The bottom line is that you have to discover the hook for your application.

In the last part, we spoke about how crowded the market for mobile apps is. Millions and billions of apps are in the top marketplaces, and many new apps are added each day.

From music streaming and shopping apps to apps like SMTH (send me there) that will tell you how high you dropped your phone. Any app you could think of is available.

Therefore, when there is limited scope to create something unique, You must examine the apps similar to your own. You must look at your competitors and think of what you can do to improve their applications. 

What are the things they do not have? Does it have something they could add? Do you think it's an exemplary user interface?

What could I do to enhance the app? Or what is the one feature that users would like to have?

Answering these types of questions can be the hook for your application.

There are a lot of applications available on the market with an existing user. To draw those users to the app you have created, you must provide them with something unique that isn't available and nowhere else.

To determine the purpose of your app, you will need to:

  • Examine the apps like yours.
  • Make your list of items that you think the apps are lacking.
  • Find a weak spot, a flaw in their applications that you can address.
  • Connect with users and find out what they would like from an app similar to that.


Conduct market research

Mobile App Development for mobile devices is a tough market where new apps appear and go daily. Therefore, you must be aware of the risks you're taking. When you've identified the type of app you're developing, you're ready for your next stage.

Examine the top apps on the market with similar features to your own. Learn about their strategies and discover why their users are so enthusiastic about them. Analysis of competitors could also help keep you from making mistakes. Look over the comments section of the pages of your competitors' apps. People are willing to voice their complaints in the comments section, and you can gain much from reading these comments. Engaging with customers and conducting interviews assist in learning more about your competition.


Find out who your Target Users are.

Many people love or require apps of various types. Certain apps are not meant to be utilized by all. There are specific factors to keep in mind when developing an app targeted to a particular type of user.

An app, for instance, designed for seniors should be, in the first place, simple to use. That's why there shouldn't be any pop-ups or menus that are endlessly expanding. The main features should be readily accessible. In addition, the UI should be comfortable, and the font must be large enough to ensure that people who have poor eyesight can also access the application.

However, the apps specifically designed for those in their 20s or 30s can be freer with the complexity and UX. It could also feature an attractive UI featuring flashy fonts and icons.

Many apps fail because they cannot comprehend their intended audience and demands. When trying to identify the ideal user for your app, it is essential to know:

  • The age, gender, age, and geographic area.
  • What are the most essential features that they'd want from your application?
  • What are the most troublesome regions?

This will allow you to develop an app and include the features that users need. This will increase your standing in the market and help attract customers more quickly.


Create a list of the essential features

When developing a Mobile App Development , You should create two separate lists of features. First, the list must consist of all the features you need. These features will be the app's USP and should take most of your time and money for development. This list will be used when creating your application's MVP (minimum feasible product).

The following list should consist of features that can improve user experience. These features aren't typically included in MVPs. However, a fully-fledged mobile application must consist of numerous features it can without overwhelming users.


Create a Business Plan

If you're creating an application for internal use within your business or another company, there is no need to consider business plans or marketing plans. However, if you intend to earn money from your app, you'll need an effective business plan before using this checklist.

There are many ways to make profits from your application. If you're offering services such as taxi booking, shopping, and food delivery services, then you may avoid the following aspects:


1. In-App Purchases

Many free apps, particularly games, allow users to access their basic features at no cost. They can include health points or energy points, avatars, and more. However, if you'd like more enjoyment or help you progress using in-app purchases, then they're implemented.


2. In-App Advertising

Several free apps work with other businesses to run ads in the app. Users typically have to wait through these advertisements to use the application.


3. Paid Service

There are a variety of paid applications available on the mobile app stores. Users must either pay an initial fee or subscribe to a contract to access these apps. However, there are apps for free that offer paid services, too. They have put some of the most desired features behind a paywall. For instance, many applications offer ad-free experiences for their paid customers.


Make a budget

The development of mobile apps is expensive. These businesses must be cautious about their cash and ensure they make the most from each dollar. It isn't always easy to find solid investors backing them.

When you are creating a budget, you should be aware that the cost of development is contingent on a variety of factors, such as the level of complexity of the app. Complex apps that need lots of the latest technology will be more expensive. In addition, the more functions you include in your app, the more expensive it will become.

Another factor that affects the cost of an application is the many platforms you intend to publish your app to. There are two leading platforms in the mobile world: Android and iOS. Although most apps are available for both of these platforms, the latter apps cost more to create.

 This is because applications for different platforms have to be created independently. Instead of developing native apps, you can choose a hybrid app. Hybrid apps work on both platforms and are less expensive.

 However, they lack the ease of use and visual quality of native apps.


Employ the services of a Mobile App Development Company

This is the perfect time to put your efforts into planning and employing a mobile application development company. Many businesses and startups do not have the resources or funds to set up their development teams. 

Therefore, for those who do, hiring a team of skilled mobile app developers who have excellent knowledge of the industry and expertise is the most effective way to move. Not every startup is ready to transfer the part of their business developed to a development firm.

They would like to build an internal development team. However, they aren't able to employ all the resources they require. The ideal solution is to expand the development team by hiring an IT staffing firm. Companies that provide team augmentation excel in filling the gap in talent within your company by giving the right skills. Many of them offer an hourly rate that fits business startups and new businesses very well.

Before you hire a mobile application development firm, do your research. There are a lot of companies in this market. However, you need the one who can create the most efficient app for you. Before you decide on a particular company, take the time to learn more about these firms. Look through their portfolios to see the work they've done previously.

You can also contact the previous clients they have worked with and get their opinions. Clutch and other platforms can aid you in searching for a mobile application developer. They will provide you with all the information and statements of companies to help you make the best choices regarding your app.


Concentrate on branding

When you are developing your app, it is important to think about the branding of your app, from the icon for your app store to your company's logo and colour scheme, slogan, and so on. The interface of your app must be consistent with your brand's image. Everything should be thought about.

Branding is the core name of your application. It's how users will identify you. Mobile phones are mobile devices, and no one will read the app's title before opening it. They look at the icons. You want an instantly recognized icon.

In most cases, it is helpful to design the branding of your app to reflect the core values of your business. People are attracted to download apps that contain heart-warming stories to back them. So if you've got an inspirational tale or one that melts people's hearts, ensure that you reflect this on your app's branding.


Develop a Marketing Strategy

No matter how unique your application is, if no one has any idea it exists. Marketing is a crucial aspect in the present day. Because so many companies are trying to grab their customers' attention and attention, your marketing strategy must stand apart from the crowd. However, it's much more difficult to accomplish. It would help if you created your marketing strategy with your users' needs in your mind.

It will also affect where you will promote your app. For example, the app designed for young people could be promoted via platforms such as YouTube and Spotify. For instance, an app for people over 40 may be promoted via Facebook.

Additionally, it would help if you transparently communicated your corporate values to your clients. These days, people are cautious about the companies that they deal with. They expect them to represent something, to be environmentally and socially responsible. Therefore, you must formulate your marketing strategy to highlight your business's best features and mention the things your audience cares about.


Make a Release, and post-launch Plan

To be safe, Most companies will release MVPs for their applications first. We've already discussed that an MVP includes all of the core features of the app and so releasing it before the release of a full-featured app is a wiser choice. It is possible to get critical feedback regarding your app from customers. If your app has a positive impact on the life of the targeted users, then it's an excellent indicator, and you'll be able to continue developing your app to finish the app.

If the reaction to your MVP isn't excellent, you can get the feedback, return to the drawing boards, and make changes to the basic features of your application. This saves money and time. In this way, you won't have to spend money creating an entire app without knowing that the people you want to target will love the app.

When the final application has been released, you'll need to offer post-launch support. No matter how experienced the mobile application development staff is, the app will have issues and bugs, and you must fix them after the app has been launched. Additionally, the release of your app is only the beginning. It would help to keep users engaged with your product if you released regular updates. It's a great help to have a roadmap for development to guide the outcome of your app.



The development of mobile apps is a significant undertaking, and it can be overwhelming for novices. Our checklist for developing mobile apps will provide you with a plan that you can follow to build a successful mobile application.

If you're in search of an Mobile App Development firm that has a track record of excellence as well as cutting-edge technology and highly skilled developers, In that case, NogaTech is the best business for you. We have assisted companies, and startups across a broad spectrum of industries develop their applications. Whether you're seeking the development of native apps or hybrid development, our team of experts will provide top-quality applications that improve your business and enable you to increase your reach to a larger audience.

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