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10 Most Popular Java Frameworks | NogaTech

Which Java frameworks can be used to meet your company's needs?

Java is one of the most used programming languages on the globe. There are many reasons Java is still being used. One reason is that Java is the main language for Android, the most widely used mobile operating system. Java's reliability and scalability are another reason Java is continuing to rise. This language is a staple in many industries, including banking, finance and retail, Big Data IT, scientific research, stock market, and financial services.

Java is essential for all businesses looking to transform their digital business to meet the demands of consumers and technology.

Java alone can't do enough to empower your developers. You need to ensure that they have the right frameworks to enable them to get the best out of Java (so they can create better and faster).

A framework is a collection of functions, libraries and other bits that code. It helps developers build programs and indicates what type of programs should be built. Frameworks allow engineers to choose the pieces they want to use with their existing code so that they don't have to "recreate" the wheel.

Frameworks are universally reusable and designed to simplify the work of software engineers.

Let's start by defining a framework. Now let's take a look at the top ten frameworks that you should consider for your developer.



Spring is a Java framework that is widely used primarily to develop web applications. Spring supports types-safe configuration, externalized configuration and YAML as well as events and listeners.

Spring has the advantage of Inversion of Control, and this allows you to create functional wholes from disparate parts.

Why should you use Spring for your developers? Spring is the most widely used framework for Java-based web apps, and Spring can also expose RESTful services. Spring Security adds authentication and authorization features, and Spring can also establish JDBC connections.



Apache Struts is a well-known tool that has been in use for more than 20 years. It was created to inherit the Java Servlet API properties, and this makes developing Java EE web apps easier and encourages a Model–View–Control architecture. Struts make it possible to use XML-type files to centralize configurations, which greatly reduces web application development time.

Struts include support for theme and template, POJO-based actions and configurable MVC components. Tag support and integration support are also available.


Google Web Toolkit

Google Web Toolkit, also known as GWT, is another open-source framework for web developers to create and maintain complex browser-based apps. GWT (pronounced "with") aims to allow web developers to create and maintain productive web applications. It doesn't require them to be experts in every browser behaviour or quirk.

The GWT Toolkit contains all the Java API libraries, a compiler and a development service. GWT allows developers to write Java client-side apps and then deploy them as JavaScript.



Grails, an open-source web framework for developing web applications, uses Apache Groovy (based on Java) and follows "coding by convention". Grails is a standalone development environment that hides most configuration details from the developers.

Grails was created to provide a solid framework for Java web development, re-use Java technologies under a single interface and offer a consistent development environment. It also includes lots of documentation.

Three variations of the Java web framework are included in Grails:

  • No XML configuration required
  • Ready-to-use environment
  • Functionality can be achieved by dynamically adding a method to a class (called mixin).


The play was written in Scala. It is used for both mobile and web application development. Play is one of the most powerful Java frameworks available, as it's compiled to JavaBytecode.

The play has many features that make it a favourite of Java developers. You only need a browser and a simple text editor to make quick changes, and play supports both Intellij IDEA and Eclipse IDEs.



Because it extends Java's Persistence API support, the Hibernate framework is so well-known. Hibernate is unique because it allows you to map an object-oriented domain model into a relational database, and this is done using the Hibernate Query Language.

Hibernate supports caching, auto-generation and scalability. It also supports Persistence APIs and allows communication between applications and any database.



Dropwizard could be the right framework for you if you are looking for an easy-to-use and lightweight design. Dropwizard makes it easy to quickly build Java-based web apps and RESTful web server applications.

Dropwizard provides monitoring via the metrics library, supports Logback, SLF4J and Logback for logging and packages all applications as a jar instead of a war file.

Dropwizard allows you to build microservices and quickly prototype your applications. Dropwizard supports external libraries and is open-source, and it's also easy to use.



Vaadin is another open-source framework that's specifically made for web application development. It uses HTML5 and Java only type-safety to develop, and this framework is the best for web application development with great UX and security.

Vaadin includes over 45 components that make it easy to create reliable and fast web applications. Vaadin Collaboration Engine is included in this framework, which allows developers to integrate collaboration features into their web applications.



Blade, another lightweight Java framework, is widely used for full-stack app development. The blade is part of the Laravel framework and is used to build complex Java-based web applications.

The blade is an easy-to-use MVC framework. It works on a modular base, which allows you to cut your applications into modules, which is great for debugging. Blade supports plug-ins and can be used with JSON configuration files.

The blade could be the right choice for anyone who wants to begin with the simplest Java framework.



Apache Wicket, another framework developed by the Apache Foundation, aims to bring the web into the modern Java era. Apache Wicket's latest release was built on Java 11, and it is capable of keeping up with Java's ongoing evolution.

Wicket lets you protect your apps using Content Security Policy. This standard allows applications to declare the origins of content before it is loaded into a browser. Wicket supports AJAX and various result types, tags and themes, templates, POJO actions and configurable MVC components.



Any of these frameworks will work well for Java developers. Web applications are becoming more popular than ever. Your developers will need every tool possible to keep up with the rest of the field.

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