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Promoting your mobile app for free | NogaTech

Many founders exaggerate the impact of an app being launched in the Mobile App Store and Google Play. This is because they expect many people to download their product. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. 

Although marketing a mobile app is not easy or inexpensive, there are some free options to draw customers to your software.


Before the app is released, you ought to ensure that your touchdown web page and internet site are in true condition. This is because your website allows you to interact directly with customers under your terms.

The touchdown web page must be to be had some months earlier than the utility launch. This will give you key insights into your application and allow you to collect contact information from your tech-savvy digital natives. Then, after the application is complete, please send an email to everyone who expressed interest and get their opinions.

This must come up with a stable basis for early users. Next, use free email services such as mail chimp to send emails and observe how engaged recipients are.

A website will permit new subscribers to discover your app via seek engines. For example, suppose you have a quality domain and provide quality content. In that case, your website will rank high in search engines for the target keyword. Although it is time-consuming, you will reap the benefits if you are diligent and do it right.

Even if you do not have the technical abilities to construct your website, hiring builders won't be necessary. Instead, online services offer simple and intuitive tools to help you build your website. Wix and WordPress are just two examples.

Social Networks

You ought to be capable of pinpointing your goal marketplace when you have finished your studies as a leader. This will help you in the acquisition of clients.

Social networking is a famous manner to hook up with human beings and benefit new customers.

However, although social media marketing can be a great way of attracting new customers on social networks, they aren't cheap, and you still have plenty to do for free.

First, you need to decide where in your goal marketplace spends a maximum of its time online. For example, suppose you have a mobile app that offers styling tips. In that case, your potential clients may spend significant time on Instagram.

You can create social accounts on all the major platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, to promote your application and connect with people and groups who share your application's goals.

Although it can be time-consuming, eventually, you will start to build a community around your product. 

If your product fails to cut, you might consider refining the core idea. This is normally a signal that your product does now no longer has a product-marketplace fit.

It is much easier to get quick feedback and clients by placing your mobile application on discussion boards such as Reddit in the /subreddits. If we are speakme approximately the equal fashion steering application, you would possibly promote it on r/malefashionadvice, r/streetwear, r/femalefashionadvice, r/sneakers, and different fashion subreddits. You can verify your design idea and get comments from other members of the business subreddits r/Entrepreneur and r/startups.

Another way to reach consumers and get reviews is to promote your software on forums like ProductHunt and IndieHackers. For example, in just 24 hours, a well-written ProductHunt article with compelling promotional materials and a persuasive presentation would attract a few new customers. 24 hours). These networks are extremely useful and can point out areas where your product could be improved.

You can also find other forums online like HackerNews or tech blogs like TechCrunch. However, if your software is well-established and has some momentum, you will have trouble getting to the top page.

If your tool allows people to do some activity, such as an app that allows you to choose the right clothes for a specific occasion, answer questions on Quora, or promote your product.

Social media marketing is all about being polite. No one enjoys looking at advertising. If you submit material, make sure it contains important information, and don't try to sell your product.

It can take months to find new customers using social media sites. There are a few shortcuts, including importing to ProductHunt and filing to a Sub-Editing System. However, these workarounds will significantly jump in 24 hours downloads. Therefore, they cannot be used for the new consumer funnel.

The results of the other methods aren't as clear-cut, but they can provide a steady stream of new users if used effectively.

Conferences and Meetups

When introducing a brand-new product, the concern must be to acquire a good deal record as feasible and adapt your method to locate the proper product-marketplace fit. Chatting with customers is the best way to get feedback.

Conventions and events provide a great way to meet tech-savvy people, early adopters, businesspeople, and others who can offer advice about improving the product. Meetup is an excellent site to find meetups. 

You should also attend technology conferences related to your product or participate in a competition to showcase your idea in front of large audiences. The startup competition will provide guidance and allow you to network with other people who share your passion. It may also give you worldwide exposure and financing if that is what it is.

It is not easy to get people to try your product, at least not initially. The entire manner may be time-ingesting and complicated. However, know-how your audience and the way to attain them could make it easier. Therefore, we advise every founder attend a One-Day Discovery Workshop earlier than imposing and growing their concepts.

We are happy to assist you if you are interested in creating a digital product or guiding you through the development of a mobile business.

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