Software For Strategic Sourcing: Improve The Search For Suppliers And Onboarding

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Software for Strategic Sourcing: Improve the Search for Suppliers and Onboarding

Note from the Editor: In this article, we outline the basics of sourcing and examine the most popular tools for sourcing. Suppose you're looking to streamline your procurement processes and create lasting, profitable relations with your suppliers. You're invited to consult with NogaTech experts for software development assistance.

Digital procurement, also known as sourcing, assists in finding prospective suppliers of both goods and services. The market for sourcing software worldwide continues to evolve. It is predicted to grow at the rate of growth of more than 7.4 % from 2021 through 2026.

Sourcing solutions allow companies to compare prices from different suppliers at a time, with various criteria for selecting suppliers, for example, according to location, ratings and custom-set requirements. The RFx can be designed and distributed to selected suppliers through the sourcing software.


Sourcing software has features.


Sourcing software has features.


Supplier self-registration

Suppliers can complete quick and straightforward registration within the system, supplying their contact information and other pertinent business details. A purchasing company can set up the fields of registration to gather the necessary information to assess the quality of their suppliers.


Automatic monitoring of the current offers of suppliers

In a sourcing service, buyers can review and compare service and product options from various vendors.

Management of bidding

A purchasing company can design tenders, invite potential suppliers to join tenders, and then select the most appealing offers. Suppliers can take part in the tenders in real-time. They can even change their price offerings in response to competitors' price changes.

Supplier selection

Sourcing software can aid in selecting vendors by providing options like a side-by-side comparison of proposals from vendors and their qualifications ratings. Additionally, the system can be set up to automatically assess registered vendors according to requirements set by the purchasing company.

Supplier risk assessment

A sourcing system allows the analysis of the performance of suppliers to uncover potential risk (e.g., financial, reputational, or regulatory) and protect companies from disruptions in the supply chain and financial loss.

Optimization of purchasing

The automated generation of purchase orders based on accepted bids will accelerate the procurement process and ease the burden on the department of purchasing.

Control of stocks

Integrated with an inventory management system, this sourcing system can assist in identifying items out of stock before they are sold and send out automated alerts for low-stock items.


Source software the top 3 tools


Source software the top 3 tools


Dynamics 360 Supply Chain Management

The application allows companies to analyze and compare bids from vendors and modify purchasing and sourcing workflows (for instance, an approval workflow for specific items and services).

  • Pricing: $180 per user/month.


Oracle Supply Chain Management Procurement

The software comes with a broad array of features, including automated purchase orders based on approved requisitions, easy supplier registration, quick contract processing, and real-time transparency into the status of transactions.

  • Prices: on an inquiry to the vendor


SAP Ariba: Supplier Management

The solution allows segmentation of suppliers (e.g., assigning the top priority in strategic planning to those who produce high volumes of products with high value). It also provides analysis of suppliers according to, for example, location or price. It also analyzes reputational, financial as well as compliance dangers in real-time.

  • Prices: on an inquiry to the vendor


Enhance your purchasing experience by using the sourcing software


Enhance your purchasing experience by using the sourcing software


With a simple supplier sourcing tool, you can compare offers from suppliers, select one that fits your company's requirements best, and then check your procurement processes for the risk of exposure. If you require assistance with developing and implementing software for sourcing, please feel free to reach out to NogaTech experts.

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