Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends In 2021

2 years ago
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Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends In 2021

As mobile technology has advanced, application technology over the past couple of years, Android has become the world's most popular mobile OS. According to the most recent information, about 83% of the market value is over 3.04 million apps available.

There are numerous mobile apps for every domain, including calendars, social media apps, more complex games for mobile devices, and culminating in mobile enterprise applications. Therefore, android apps development companies need to be aware of the most recent trends in the development of apps when developing applications. This article will find the most popular eight Android trending app design trends you can apply to develop Android applications in 2021.


Let's review the top 10 Android Application Development trends for 2021 to boost Business Models.


Let's review the top 10 Android Application Development trends for 2021 to boost Business Models.

The introduction of Android has brought a variety of modifications, but it's most notable that it enhances the user experience. So, let's look into the most recent Android trends in app development that will improve your business model in 2021!

1. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology can help developers provide decentralized application development services that ensure full transparency to app users. It blocks access to unauthorized users and utilizes robust security protocols.

Every Blockchain application development firm believes it is the most effective option to develop banking-related apps for banks, exchanges for currency and many more. According to the latest survey conducted by PWC, around 84% of companies worldwide use Blockchain technology for app development. In addition, blockchain has the following benefits:

  • It helps to reduce data loss that is typically experienced when using apps.
  • Distribute data to improve performance in the event of a network malfunction
  • Blockchain Android apps are secure and are the best choice in data security.


2. Instant Apps

Android application developers have been making use of instant Android applications for quite a long period. In recent years, however, they're getting more and more popular because they let users play a game or an application without having to install them on the device. In the end, there is no requirement to download these apps. Instant apps are most beneficial for all kinds of mobile application development firms as well as eCommerce businesses. Additionally, instant apps don't require more space on your mobile and will even minimize unnecessary interruptions. One of the biggest advantages is having complete access to every app without downloading the apps.


3. Flutter

A new technology created by Google Flutter is regarded as the new standard for Android app development. The Flutter framework allows developers to develop apps with an intuitive interface for iOS or Android platforms. In addition, many developers opt for Flutter as a platform to develop mobile applications due to its capabilities such as combinability and flexibility.

Flutter provides the following benefits for app developers:

  • Native design
  • Simple to master and easy to make use of
  • MVP development

Nearly all app developers are using Flutter as a feature in their development process, making it the next step in Android development in the next years.


4. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence helps the mobile application development company to the extent that it can. Many Artificial Intelligence application development companies use AI technology due to its capabilities such as predictive maintenance, face detection, recognition of speech, the ability to recognize sentiment, images text and image classification and much more. It also aids developers in more ways than just developing apps by providing AI embedded for the development of mobile apps. It assists you in making your apps more intelligent by enhancing their performance at every level.


5. Chatbots

Today, every business is looking to integrate the services and content of their apps to Google Assistant. This integration could provide quicker ways for users to utilize your application directly in Google Assistant. Additionally, it allows users to link further to features and use of the app via Google Assistant. Android Slices, an important feature that lets app developers show their app's content from the app to Google Assistant users. With the increase in Google Assistant users, app integration with Google Assistant is considered very useful.


6. APM and EMM

With the rapid growth of mobile app development, enterprise mobile app development considers Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) and Application Performance Management (APM) as two key aspects. These techniques reduce a mobile app's performance and make it an assurance test of its quality. In addition, it ensures the security and protection of the developed applications and permits developers to have to exchange data across several mobile devices efficiently.


7. Beacon Technology

From the hospitality sector to retail, many industries use Beacon technology to add greater functionality to virtually every mobile app. The primary benefit of beacons is proximity marketing, which enhances users' experience on mobile applications. Businesses are using it to reach potential customers. Additionally, it allows businesses to send out notifications and reach those looking for hotels or restaurants on their phones.


8. Internet of Things (IoT)

Smartphones play an essential function in our everyday lives, as they assist us in keeping track of contacts, meetings, emails and other things. With the development of technology for apps and other gadgets, such as smartwatches, sports bands, smart TVs and more. Which make use of IoT methods. But this isn't the end of the road.

AI algorithms, cloud databases, Internet-connected hardware and tracking devices simplify the IoT process of developing apps. But app designers and developers also can handle the user interface.


9. Demand Mobile App Development

Android apps are renowned for their ability to improve customer service and user experience. On-demand mobile apps are an increasing trend in app development that allows Android app developers to develop top-quality mobile apps quickly and easily.

Solutions for mobile app development on-demand aid various industry verticals such as healthcare enterprise, food delivery, enterprise and many more. They can access users' locations and offer the necessary services. Moreover, these applications on-demand provide instant service to users.


10. eCommerce Apps

With the advent of Android mobile phones, eCommerce apps developed on mobile devices account for half of the revenue. As the demand for online shopping is growing today, they tend to utilize Android apps to purchase goods and services. Future benefits will provide unimaginable benefits for customers.

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