Top 5 Secrets For Successful CRM Migration In 2021.

2 years ago
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Top 5 Secrets For Successful CRM Migration in 2021.

If you plan to migrate CRM with minimal risk or need help with other CRM-related issues, you can consider using NogaTech CRM. This means that CRM solutions are no longer optional, but very important for companies that want to remain competitive in the market. Online CRM software enables you to provide quality customer service that is always up-to-date. 

Cooperate with existing customers and win the trust of new customers. The CRM software market is one of the largest software markets and will not slow down any-time soon. It is expected to reach US$80 billion by 2025. 

Reasons for CRM migration

CRM migration refers to a company's migration of data from an outdated CRM or spreadsheet to a new CRM system. ... When a company enters a new growth phase, CRM migration is usually included in the business plan. 

According to our experience, the main reasons why companies switch to different CRMs are

  • High CRM maintenance costs. 
  • Insufficient CRM configurability, and customization.
  • Limited integration with other business applications.
  • The inconvenience of use.

Recognized leading CRM systems (such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 And Salesforce).  Solutions to these problems, which is why they are usually the preferred platform in NogaTech CRM migration projects. Here are 5 key tips for successfully migrating to NogaTech CRM. 

1 Choose the best CRM for your migration. 

When deciding on a new CRM, consider how it fits your marketing, sales, and customer service strategies. Analyze CRM integration and customization capabilities to adapt to your existing IT ecosystem and business needs. Most CRM systems offer free trials. When you use it, you can understand how the system works, further explore the suggested features and discuss them with the CRM support team. 

2 Perform data evaluation At NogaTech, 

We believe that evaluating data quality is one of the most important steps you can take. During the data evaluation process, understand the data to be migrated, remove duplicates, add missing data, and check spelling and other errors.

3 Prepare data backup Before the migration, 

The organization should ensure that its data is CRM. Risk of data loss or damage.

4 Recheck the transferred data After the data transfer is complete, 

Please make sure that all data has been transferred and is correct.

5 After downloading.  Despite careful inspection,

There will always be something slipping through the cracks or presenting an unstable format. After the non-profit data is migrated, any old, irrelevant or inaccurate data can be permanently deleted. Now is the time to fix the smallest inconsistencies and gaps in the data log, and you will start your CRM journey right. 

Now is the best time to perfect the data collection process and ensure that everyone in the company understands it. Establish the best standard way to collect, store and use donor information. In this way, all your hard work will not be ruined by data corruption. The better the data you collect, the less management time you spend cleaning up, and you have more time to focus on what is important: Your mission is to provide a healthy non-profit database with advice services that will take all. All spent on the record being created is spotless unless you intend to keep it that way. Remember my food metaphor at the beginning? A strict diet is not good for your CRM. 

To realize its full potential, you need to continuously feed it delicious dates. Decide with your team what can be done, but we will provide a clean-up service. Quarterly review of repeat and new contacts. Then, conduct a more thorough review once a year and update based on whether the water dispenser label has expired, has changed in status, or may not have stopped. It looks like you are not pushing the rock uphill (again) to get clean data from the non-profit organization. CRM helps you do more with less. 

For example, suppose you keep feeding it clean and nutritious dates. Maximize your investment and build stronger and longer-lasting relationships with your donors (the real people behind the scenes) who will lead your organization into the future. 

CRM migration is not an easy task and requires a lot of time and effort; however, I believe that the benefits of expert migration are worth-while. The tips I shared earlier make the migration process easier. You completely reduce the burden of migration, and NogaTech CRM experts are by your side.


Still have any doubt or questions to get started? We are here to help, you can reach us at or +1 808 829 6213.

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