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One of the most well regarded Best Android App Development Company, offering services
in Android app development to startups, small and medium-sized enterprises,
and large corporations. Our highly competent Android Application developers have years
of expertise in designing mobile applications for the complete spectrum of Android devices
that are individualised, reliable, and fully functioning. Additionally, our mobile apps are futuristic
in nature.


We Offer Best Android App Development Across all platforms

We do not confine our services to Smartphones. Our Android mobile app development portfolio is a testament to our proficiency across numerous Android devices and platforms.

As a result of following the full-cycle custom Android app development process, we have been able to get a greater understanding of the Android ecosystem. In addition, we have investigated all of the potential options, including smartphones, Android tablets, Android Wear, and Android televisions.

We create apps that are simple to understand and operate, and our major technology stack consists of tried-and-true android app development technologies. Apps that have been downloaded more than a million times from the Google Play Store may be attributed to our team of highly talented Android application developers, who are privy to the formula for creating such apps.

We Offer Best Android App Development Across all platforms (Best Android App Development Company)

Our Android App Development Services

We are the most dependable Android application development company in the United States, and as such, we excel in the design, development, and delivery of great cross-device user experiences that are powered by Android. Explore the full scope of our Android application development services, which may assist you in the creation of innovation and open up new opportunities for your company.

Android Native Application Development (Best Android App Development Company)

Android Native Application Development

Develop dependable native Android applications that are driven by up-to-date tools and resources and that include individualised features, privacy settings, and sophisticated back-end services.

Custom Android App Development (Best Android App Development Company)

Custom Android App Development

Offering custom Android applications that have integrated functionality to fulfil all of your organisation demands and specifications. We will construct a highly scalable app for your company by adhering to the most recent software development kits (SDKs) and using the most cutting-edge features.

Android UI/UX Design (Best Android App Development Company)

Android UI/UX Design

Use the Android UI frameworks, components, design patterns in Android, and Android material design standards to build aesthetically pleasing Android app designs.

Android Widget Development (Best Android App Development Company)

Android Widget Development

Create amazing user interfaces for widgets, which will allow users to access stuff from the home screen more quickly and will make their experience more enjoyable overall.

Android App Code Audit (Best Android App Development Company)

Android App Code Audit

Ensure the security of your Android app for the benefit of millions of users. We do an audit in addition to reviewing the code in order to protect the privacy of your data.

Android Upgradation and Migration (Best Android App Development Company)

Android Upgradation and Migration

Simplify the process of upgrading and migrating your old app to the most recent version of Android (12), while also accessing the most recent Android tools and APIs for use in evergreen Android applications.

Android App QA and Testing (Best Android App Development Company)

Android App QA and Testing

Create Android applications that are free of bugs, have improved speed, and offer an improved user experience across many platforms.

App Maintenance And Optimization (Best Android App Development Company)

App Maintenance And Optimization

Maintaining and improving the functionality of your application through the use of updated code, cutting-edge tools and technology, stringent security procedures, and actionable insights.

Android Large Screen App Development (Best Android App Development Company)

Android Large Screen App Development

Tablets, foldable devices, and Chrome OS gadgets should all have responsive user experiences designed for them. We will assist you with optimising your app for wide displays and increasing the amount of user interaction.

Android Wearable App Development (Best Android App Development Company)

Android Wearable App Development

Develop apps for wearable devices that assist users in tracking their everyday activities, simplifying those routines, and increasing their level of productivity.

Android Auto App Development (Best Android App Development Company)

Android Auto App Development

Connect the app on your smartphone to the display in the vehicle, and you'll be able to use more effective app controls for things like navigating, communicating, mapping, and entertaining yourself while maintaining your attention on driving.

Android TV App Development (Best Android App Development Company)

Android TV App Development

Construct brand-new Android applications or expand the functionality of current Android apps so that they may run on TV devices to provide consumers with a completely reimagined entertainment experience.

Why NogaTech IT Solutions for Android App Development?

We are proud to say that we are one of the most reputable Android App Development Agency providers in the USA. The success of the project we are working on for the customer is 100% guaranteed thanks to the hard work of our team. Your vision of the perfect application may become a reality with the help of our talented programmers and designers.

Powerful Marketing Tool

Users of mobile phones typically devote eighty percent of their time to investigating various Android applications. People rely on these programmes for virtually every minuscule task they perform. There is no question that Android can help your company's bottom line.

Powerful Marketing Tool (Best Android App Development Company)

Highly Customizable (Best Android App Development Company)

Highly Customizable

Android applications come out on top when it comes to the ability to be customised and flexible. These applications not only provide remarkable frameworks but also make the user interface more fluid. The use of customised queries allows for the configuration of specialised hardware, such as a camera or Bluetooth, for example.

Improved Customer Engagement

It makes no difference what kind of business it is that you are doing. You need to have a high level of involvement from your customers if you want your firm to be profitable. Android apps help target huge audiences to boost client engagement.

Improved Customer Engagement (Best Android App Development Company)
Flexible engagement (Best Android App Development Company)

Flexible engagement

NogaTech is a leading Android mobile app development company. It provides novel approaches to the problem. Our solutions are not only helpful for businesses, but they are also designed to attract customers while maintaining their ability to adapt to changing market conditions.

Multi-platform Deployment

Our company is the market leader when it comes to integrating and deploying Android apps in a way that doesn't cause any problems. Any platform may benefit from the expertise of our Android application developers.

Multi-platform Deployment (Best Android App Development Company)

Why You Should Work With Us

Business - Centric Development (Best Android App Development Company)

Business - Centric Development

Our software engineers have been educated to provide you with complete products that are focused on your business. When developing the product, we keep both the practical aspects and the potential for financial gain in mind. The applications are made with the goal of giving the most functionality possible in mind, from the logical back-end features to the smooth and easy-to-use user interface (UI).

Quality Assurance: (Best Android App Development Company)

Quality Assurance

Before delivering the finished product, our Android application developers put the programme through many rounds of testing, during which they look for and eliminate any errors or faults they find. These quality checks are carried out manually as well as via the use of technology that is automated. Our audits will determine whether or not there are problems with the functionality and safety of your software.

Timely Service (Best Android App Development Company)

Timely Service

One of our top goals is to get a product delivered before the deadline that has been set. In order to keep the development process on track and avoid any unnecessary setbacks, the technical team that we employ will give you both a general schedule and daily progress reports. In addition, we give weekly updates covering the development stages that have already been finished.

Assured ROI (Best Android App Development Company)

Assured ROI

You will be able to plan for a successful launch of the product in the marketplace using the information that is provided to you by our process management team on the ROI that is predicted. In addition, we provide strategic consultations as well as recommendations for each and every product that we make here at our company.

Low Attribution Rate (Best Android App Development Company)

Low Attribution Rate

Due to the fact that our workers have a track record of staying with the company for many years, there is a far lower risk of a crucial software developer quitting while the project is still active. We will ensure that the development of your project is smooth by retaining the same software architects throughout the entirety of the development of your project.

Customization (Best Android App Development Company)


Our devoted engineers work hard to construct even the most minute component of your items in accordance with the standards that you have specified. We take great delight in developing websites and web apps that perform their intended functions in a manner that is as similar as possible to the client's initial description.

After-Sales Service (Best Android App Development Company)

After-Sales Service

We do not feel that our relationship with the consumer should be considered over after the goods have been delivered to them. Our support team is available round-the-clock to assist you with product maintenance and troubleshooting issues. In addition, we make regular upgrades available to guarantee that the websites and online apps are always getting better over time.

Certified Developers (Best Android App Development Company)

Certified Developers

Our team of Android application developers has worked on a wide variety of websites and online apps throughout the course of their careers. Our engineers are well-versed in the policies and constraints imposed by the vast majority of operating systems, which enables us to maintain our position as one of the leading web development companies in the USA.

Transparent Communication (Best Android App Development Company)

Transparent Communication

We consider it a point of pride to maintain open communication with our customers from the very beginning of the development process. To ensure that you are never left in the dark regarding any aspect of the development process, the members of our technical team will provide you with regular updates regarding design, coding, and the incorporation of the most cutting-edge technology.

Android Applications Development Solutions

We have more than a decade of experience and are specialists in all the key categories of apps found on the Play Store. We know what different businesses need and can offer a variety of engagement models to help them meet the goals of their projects.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Our team of app developers in the United States makes real estate apps that meet the needs of buyers, sellers, and real estate agents. The software solution we made for our first project works well for both iOS and Android users.



Many different types of schools have used our knowledge mobility solutions to speed up the learning process for their students. Using our solutions for knowledge mobility will also make it easier for you to use new methods and run your educational system.



We can help you build, maintain, and automate patient services. The Custom android app development company. we work with looks at the availability of medical care in a wide range of ways.

Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance

Using NogaTech's mobile banking services and mobile financing application development services could make your banking operations run more smoothly. With the help of mobile apps, information can be accessed on multiple devices by simply pressing a button.

Top Reasons to Outsource Your Next IT Project

The reasons to outsource your IT project are the changing business trends. NogaTech is the top option. Our key features are.



Risk Free

  • Off-Shore Software Company
  • Respect & Confidentiality
  • Affordable
  • Ready IT Team
  • Infrastructure Ready
  • Expert Management
  • 100% Client Satisfaction
  • Expert After Support
  • Scalable
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement


High Risk

  • Individual Talent
  • Liability Issue
  • No Infrastructure
  • Communication Issue
  • Less Control
  • Poor Client Satisfaction
  • Support & Time Issue
  • Confidentiality Issues
  • Reduced Interviewing Options
  • Availability
In-House Hire

In-House Hire

Too Expensive

  • Full-Time
  • Training & Liability
  • Infrastructure Investment
  • Lack of Skills
  • Quitting
  • Paid Vacation
  • Lack of Skills
  • Lack of Flexibility
  • Project Managment
  • Increased Key-Person Risk