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Over the years, web pages have evolved to become more interactive to users. Our NogaTech professional developers have been testing and building fully functional interactive applications that perform a specific function to any accessible internet-connected devices to deliver a higher-level experience to users.

Yes, we offer full stack developer, front-end developer, back-end developer, UI-UX designer on hourly basis.

Yes, we offer contract developers and W2 developers locally & remotely.

1. Gather Information and Do Planning - our developers make a plan and gather all the necessary data they need first on how they will start from scratch before working the web development process. Research, analysis, and discovery sessions can all result in successful web development.
2. Use the right Technology - our developers ensure to use the right technology they will use upon creating your websites, by using the appropriate frameworks, libraries, and other tools will simplify your developer’s life.
3. Designing - one of the most important considerations for the design is the target audience. A good website’s design demonstrates its uniqueness and contributes to a positive user experience.
4. Development - our developers can now work on the creation process after carefully and strategically preparing. They define the technologies, functionality, integrations, and other technical concerns that will direct backend and frontend during this process.
5. Testing and Deployment - before generating any software production, our developers will undergo a rigorous testing process to ensure that there are no defects that could endanger your production environment. It is very important to have a proper and efficient testing method.

A high quality app built to meet the needs of a business usually takes a lot of time to develop because it has many features, management tools, and access level. It will also depend on how big, small and type the project is. Here in NogaTech, we ensure that we don’t just do it quickly but carefully through the process and provide the best web pages for our customers.

We ensure to apply security measures, protect your web pages ideas, and undergo copyright. This is the best way to save your ideas from being stolen. We make sure that we safeguard communication between apps and store private data within our internal storage.

Yes, of course we can. We will walk you through our step-by-step guide to app submission for your reference. Our NogaTech dedicated team ensures that apps are reviewed before publishing.

NogaTech developers consistently conduct regular website maintenance and updates after the project is completed. After all, keeping your website in peak condition requires near-constant checks and fixes. This is to avoid any issues and brand damage that will impact your website performance after publishing and ensuring your site always meets your broader business goals.

Yes, of course! We offer responsive design services to ensure that websites based on your preferences will look exceptional and function well on all screens, regardless of what device you are using. Here in NogaTech, we always make sure to give users a seamless experience.

Our design team makes decisions based on our user feedback rather than assumptions. We always believe that empathy is at the core of this human-centered approach. We ensure that our designers understand the user problems, as well as what target users want to achieve with digital products and inform them on what they might encounter along the process.

Unleash Your Online Potential

Here at NogaTech, we value the importance of having a strong online presence for your business in order to captivate and convert customers. That’s why we are committed to providing you with competitive, simpler and effective design solutions that focus on delivering high quality results specially made for your business needs.

NogaTech will always value your websites based on your specifications and meeting your expectations. We always follow what your business website preferences. We also offer some tips or recommendations to add exceptional ideas during the development process.

Yes, of course! We offer a 6 months guaranteed warranty period for your website development. Our experienced developers provide assurance to work on it during those specified periods by regularly testing and checking the functions of your websites, update if required and provide essential technical support.

We give assurance to our valued customers by providing updated, quality, authoritative, authentic and improved search engine success web pages. This will be able to future optimize your content and make improvements, rising up the rankings and serve your target audiences.

Here are the steps on choosing the Web Development Agency for your business:
1. Clarify your Web Development Goals
2. Find your Potential Web Development Partners.
3. Evaluate Designers and Developers Experience and Expertise.
4. Review their previous work.
5. Prioritize Clear Communication.
6. Assess Technology Tools and their Team Structure
7. Understand Project Management and Timeline
8. Consider Budget and Quality
9. Evaluate Support and Maintenance
10. Legal and Constractual Considerations.
Conclusion It is a pivotal decision on selecting the right fit web development partner for your online success. Your website will be the reflection of your brand, a platform engaging with your audience and a key to your business goals. Following these steps and gathering more ideas will help you find the right company, like us, NogaTech! We always value your online presence and future success.

A web development agency is a company that specialises in creating and designing your business websites based on your specifications. These companies, like here at NogaTech, typically have a team of web designers and web developers working together and responsible for creating and maintaining your websites.

Yes, We offer free and personalized web development consultations to every business that aims to stand out from competitors, boost leads and conversions. We are committed to helping businesses by delivering a better user experience, driving more traffic to your websites, increasing your leads and customising your website to suit the needs and goals of your business, ensuring your site's visitors have a positive first impression and keep them coming back for more.

Yes, of course! We ensure to provide 24/7 support to our valued clients in order to ensure that your websites function well and provide seamless user experience.

It is always vital to have a fully-functioning website that is mobile-responsive and provides a good experience, making it necessary to engage with a web development company. Here at NogaTech, with our honed designers and developers, we ensure to help you adopt the latest technologies and applications that help enhance your customer journey, bringing your digital dreams to life.

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